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3pt Intro

The EPT philosophy is 3pt. The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Without a clear understanding of the impact technological changes have upon the people, process, and product; you will not reap the rewards you expect.

When considering changes to processes and systems, their impact must be considered holistically.

Integration for EPT does not stop at the consideration of how your software systems interact.

EPT creates more value for your business by considering people, processes, products, and technology as a whole within your value stream.

To optimise the benefits of people, products, processes, and technology all must operate in harmony.

Experience has shown that considering any of the four aspects in isolation provides an inaccurate view of your business.

People People are an asset. They are your knowledge and your experience. People support key people.

– Unlock their potential

– Provide them with a framework

– Your business hinges on it

Process Process has to be considered as an essential element of 3pt.

Process helps unite the people with the product and the technologies.

With process focus it is possible to understand and manage what the organisation is doing.

Without good and accurate process definitions, it is impossible to understand who you need to maintain the product lifecycle.

When process execution is considered, this then enables the organisation to properly understand the quantity and cost of resources required.

Product Your customers pay for the satisfactory delivery of products and services.

EPT ensures that you delight your customers and achieve this at the right cost.

We facilitate the understanding and management of all aspects of your products or services.

These include:

Product – Product lifecycle:

– Product production

– Customer requirements

– Product modeling

– Product change and evolution

– Product and assembly interfaces

– Product data

– Identifying opportunities to work concurrently

EPT uses appropriate technology to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Technology – The deployment of our methodology:

– Knowledge management

– Content management

– Dissemination of information

– Collection of information

– Process automation

– Process and product configuration