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VIC – Volume

VIC-Volume Digital Image Correlation Software

The new VIC-Volume software by Correlated Solutions is an exciting addition to the VIC digital image correlation product line.

Vic-Volume utilizes volumetric images from X-rays or CT scanners to measure internal deformation of a specimen under an applied load.

Vic-Volume analyzes the acquired images to create three-dimensional volumetric displacement and strain data of the specimen’s internal behavior.

The resulting data is a full-field contour plot of the deformation data that can be viewed, animated, and extracted for FEA validation.

Technology Background

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) has found widespread popularity among scientists, researchers, and engineers across the globe due to its accuracy, robustness, versatility, flexibility, and overall ease of use.

DIC is commonly used to measure 2D and 3D surface deformation and strain utilizing white light machine vision digital cameras.

Correlated Solutions has offered turn-key 2D and 3D DIC systems since 1998, and continues to develop and add new advanced DIC products to our growing product line.

More recently, Correlated Solutions has developed new software that utilises images from X-rays or CT scanners to measure volumetric deformation of an object under an applied load.