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Enabling Process Technologies

EPT has many man-years of experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing, Education and R&D sectors. Working in leading-edge, multidisciplinary, and extended enterprise environments has allowed EPT to develop an extensive understanding of the everyday operational issues that disrupt corporate visions. And more importantly, how to solve them.

Therefore EPT simultaneously considers people, processes, products, technology, and the entire associated lifecycles. Only by considering organisational culture, process, and the product or service nature can real and lasting improvements be made through the appropriate investment in technology.

Through collaboration with a network of partners and associates, EPT also provides several software and hardware solutions to support various process improvements. These include Digital Image Correlation systems, Process Modelling, and Workflow tools. EPT also provides the most energy-efficient IT systems to support their deployment. Our solutions also benefit our corporate customer initiatives to become Operationally Lean and reduce their Environmental Impact.