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VIC – 3D

Technology Overview

Vic-3D is a powerful system for measuring and visualizing both strain and movement.

Vic-3D is a complete, turn-key system for measuring surface shape, displacement, and strain in three dimensions. Vic-3D includes all necessary hardware and our most up-to-date software.

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VIC-3D provides full-field, 3-dimensional measurements of shape, displacement, and strain, based on the Principle of Digital Image Correlation. Using this method, actual object movement is measured and the Lagrangian strain tensor is available at every point on the specimen’s surface.

VIC-3D can measure arbitrary displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >10m. Setup is simple, requiring only a quick, flexible calibration procedure, and an applied random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required. And, no specimen contact is required during testing.

System Features

Our systems and analysis software are designed with the user in mind and are simple to set up, calibrate, and operate. Some of the features of our systems include:

  • Versatility and Convenience: With our extremely portable Vic systems, data can be collected in a wide range of settings with ease. Results can be processed on the spot, or data can be exported for analysis in the convenience of your office. And, processing can be done on any Windows PC with flexible floating licenses.

  • Software Integration and Ease of Use: The Vic software family is extremely easy to use, and provides a user interface consistent with all the other applications you use. Our software includes powerful tools for visualization. And, you can copy and paste all graphs and plots directly into your favorite software to generate reports.

  • Performance and AccuracyThe Vic image correlation algorithms are fast and accurate. In fact, real-time processing can be achieved using a modern, consumer, quad-core processor. This saves you valuable time and ensures reliable results.

  • Experience, Knowledge, and Technical Support: The Correlated Solutions engineering team includes the people who invented image correlation. We write the software, build the systems, and provide all the technical support. We have the experience to tackle the most challenging applications and help you get the most out of your system.

Correlated Solutions offers add-on modules for the following, specialized applications:

We can also develop customised systems. So, if you don’t see a system suited to your needs, please contact us at Our experienced Engineering staff will be happy to discuss your application.