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About Me

Philip Tyler

I am a chartered engineer with a growing consultancy business covering process engineering, material testing, and R&D management, creating a collaborative network with professionals in industry and academia to develop robust businesses and exceptional products. Working in the aerospace sector (Airbus, GE Aviation), energy and renewables sector (EdF, EON, and SGN), and increasingly, working on major infrastructure projects in the oil & gas and mining sectors.

Working on full-field optical measurement research, growing the number of users applying digital image correlation by concentrating on designing tailored applications and delivering turnkey systems, having the experience to get successful outcomes with novel applications, working to improve the link between simulation and testing by developing semi-automatic comparison tools for DIC and finite element models, as well as investigating tolerance & validation methods as a way to increase confidence in optical measurement methods.

As well as being the managing director of Enabling Process Technologies, I am the director of several other companies and start-ups with roles covering business management and finance, engineering oversight, and quality internationally in Europe, North America, and the Far East.

We are driven by values

Specialising in the development and deployment of integration products and services, our targeted customer base includes companies within the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Research & Development, Transport, and Utilities sectors.

Radically Innovative

Our radical innovative approach to technology not only sparks a revolutionary transformation in the industry but also assists companies in achieving their goals, leading to groundbreaking advancements that are both disruptive and visionary.

Client Focussed

EPT are integration specialists who continually focus on your resources reaching business, programs, and project goals whilst delivering tailored business solutions for complex, knowledge-rich, and expert-based problem domains.

Highly Motivated

We are a highly motivated team built on over 100 years of experience, using our consultancy know-how, people skills, specialist tools, and IT knowledge to bring people in teams and functions together, getting them to cooperate, coordinate, and combine.

Digital Image Correlation

EPT is proud to supply Correlated Solutions DIC VIC software and hardware supplying academia and industry with bespoke systems for a range of tasks.

Research & Development

EPT has over 10 years of experience in managing and participating in EU and UK government-funded R&D Projects delivering exceptional results.

Services & Collaboration

EPT is a specialist solutions-orientated integration consultancy, that considers the interactions and entire lifecycle of People, Processes, and Technology, taking a synergistic holistic view.